Indian Tribes 2

Indian Tribes of the Lower Colorado River
Heinrich Balduin Mollhausen

These hand-colored lithographs from the Congressional report of the Ives expedition (1857) are based on drawings by the expedition's artist, famed author ("the German Fenimore Cooper") and expeditionist Heinrich Balduin Mollhausen. They depict the costumes and physiognomy of each of the tribes of the lower Colorado River. The set hangs in the Firm's lobby. Most of Mollhausen's original sketches were burned during the attack on Berlin in 1945. One lithograph, which depicts the interior of a Moquis (Hopi) dwelling is based on a sketch by the expedition's topographer, Baron F. W. Von Egloffstein (1824 - 1898). Von Egloffstein is credited with drawing the first pictorial records of the Grand Canyon.